Who are we?

We are British D’Sire, a multimedia media platform for launching, running, and growing your business. We are a Digital Marketplace owning and operating this website britishdsire.com.
British D’Sire is a company registered in England and with its office registered at (British D’sire 5/F, Building 7, Venture X, Chiswick Park 566 Chiswick High Road, London W4 5XU)
For any queries or feedback regarding this cookies and privacy policy (“Policy”), you can contact us at support@britshdsire.com or visit the “Contact Us” page.
(If Applicable): Our company is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Register of Data Controllers under the registration number 12414323.

What is the significance of this policy?

This Policy’s prime motive is to make you aware of how we use your personal data that includes your identity. Going through the Policy will make you understand the purpose for which we use your data. Further, this Policy will make you aware of the security measures we take to protect the collected data.
Please go through the Policy carefully and go along with this site if you are comfortable with it. Using our website will make us assume you agree to our privacy and cookie policy wholly.

policy alteration

We are liable to bring any changes to the Policy whenever it becomes necessary. We will keep updating this page with periodic modifications, so you should check this page regularly and look for periodic revisions.
Suppose you continue to use our website post-activation of the policy updates. In that case, we will assume you agree to our updated policies as well.

What type of data we generally tend to collect from you ?

We collect and store primary data from you, including name, residential address, email address, and phone number, which you shall provide while creating an account.
As you will start interacting with our platform, we are liable to collect other data from you. These primarily include the device information like its operating system, IP address with which the network of your computer (or other devices) operates, browser information, and the unique reference number of the data that aids your working on our site.
We may also track the activities you perform on our site, including the date, time of operation, searches made, and even the services used.

Cookie Policy
importance of using cookies :

The main reason behind us using cookies and other third-party tracking methodologies is to ensure you have a smooth browsing experience. Configuring your browser to hinder the cookies’ mechanism will degrade our website’s functionality and the quality of your browsing experience.

Cookies: A Brief overview

A cookie refers to a small amount of data from a particular website that gets stored in someone’s device as they browse along with the website. The basic functionality of cookies is to enhance the overall working of a website.
Cookies, in general, have two variations Sessional and Persistent. Sessional cookies are temporary cookies that remain in your browser as long as you surf the website. The Persistent ones, however, denote the cookies that remain stored for a more extended period.

How we use cookies?

Our website uses cookies for the following reasons:

Temporary cookies or the session cookies:

To ensure you don’t need to come across repeated interrogations, we use sessional cookies to store instant essential data. This further ensures you have a smooth experience of browsing from one page of ours to the other.

Coockies for google analytics:

We use cookies to track various essential activities within our website like total visitors, visit duration, bounce rate, visitor demographics, etc. These pieces of information help us optimize our website towards a more improved one.

Cookies for research and advertisements:

We use cookies to gather information and provide you with relevant services now and then. This ensures you have a seamless experience being a part of British D’Sire.

Cookies for social media:

We may sometimes utilize different online media and other outsider cookies on our site, which comes with actionable buttons from Facebook, Google, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
These companies can use the cookies for tracking down your previous activities on their respective platforms.
You can visit each website and learn how their cookie policy works.
NOTE: Our website will pop up with a “Warning Cookie” that shall take note of your views with this website’s overall cookie situation. This acts as a persistent cookie for a particular user. The information inputted shall remain stored for a more extended period.

How can manage your cookies?

Managing your cookies can be quickly done from your concerned browser. Most of the browser comes with a “Help” section which can help you understand working with different cookies. Disabling the cookies will prevent not only us but other third-party websites from transferring cookies to your browser.
NOTE: Many websites might fail to work accordingly with a disabled cookie. So, if you have already disabled the cookie acceptance in your browser, it is advisable to go through the adjustments before working with any new website.

Using your personal data:The reaseon:

  • Our website uses your data to process various user-oriented services like sending alerts, carrying on the payment process, and more.
  • We use your communication data for carrying out effective communications with you.
  • We use your data to provide relevant services to you.
  • We may use your data to ensure we come up with updates that you seek.
  • In the case of closed accounts, we may use personal data to go along the process of legal obligations, detect and prevent fraud, collect overdue fees, come with solutions for legal disorders, assist with legal investigations and troubleshoot concerned issues.
  • Suppose we find you doing any harm to our terms and conditions. In that case, we might use your data to ensure our protection in such critical situations.

how is your data secured with britsh d'sire?

  • We at British D’Sire offer high-level priority to the overall security scenario. Having said that, we take extra care of our users’ stored data.
  • The payment system at British D’Sire is given unique and secure notice. We ensure you have a justified experience.
NOTE: When we talk about Emails and other technical communication modes, the structure might not be secured if the medium under consideration isn’t appropriately encrypted. At British D’Sire, we don’t hold on to any responsibility for third-party engagements leading to security infringements.
We are thus by no means responsible for any data leakage, misuse of data, and other security issues that include other third-party involvements.

who has access to your data?

  • Your payment details are accessible only to our payment partners. We have no access to the concerned information, including credit card numbers, CVV, expiry dates, and more. Your payment details are accessible only to our payment partners.
  • We may disclose some of the data to trusted third parties for the relevant branding of your business.
  • Note: We don’t hold the responsibility for any data disclosure done by you to third parties.

The data protection act 2018 & GDPR:

You reserve the option to demand individual information that we hold about you. We, however, may charge an organization’s expense following a report with the insurance law. We may likewise require suitable proof of character to go along with the overall process.

You also have the right to:

  • Request access to your data that we have stored.
  • Request to rectify the incorrect data that we are holding.
  • Request us to erase any of your data from our database.
However, in each case, we might require authentication along with the process.
If you seek further information on the rights that you hold under UK data protection laws, visit UK Information Commissioner’s website.

Third Party Notices:

There might be instances when we will be connecting you to various third-party websites. Under such situations, it is advisable you have their policies checked and verified as British D’Sire by no means have control over how they interact with your data.
If you have any questions regarding our privacy and cookie policy, feel free to contact us at info@britishdsire.com or leave a message for us using the contact us