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Awesome Key Features

2. Variety of Plans to choose from

We have got a number of plans available. Starting from the silver plan to the platinum plan, we have got three options, you can choose the plan according to your preferences. Each plan has its own signature benefit. You can also choose “add-ons” in addition to your chosen TV plan.

3. Flexible payment terms

Don’t worry about pricing, no matter which plan you choose, only pay 10% deposit upfront.

How to join British D'sire TV?

6 Simple onboarding steps to sell on Sky TV

Joining British D’sire TV is so easy and effortless! Our sellers can sign-up on and select the plan that works for them. Sellers need to send their product samples and after a quick scan process and approval, they are ready to go live on our TV shopping channel! Still uncertain about the steps?


Register as a Seller on our Marketplace.

Send in your product samples for production.

Production takes place.

Get featured on Sky TV.

Our offers

What we offer?

Digital Assets

As a British D’sire family member, we curate personalized digital assets which will be promoted and marketed. Moreover, you may use them for your own marketing as well.

Sky TV feature

There is no better opportunity to be seen on TV, Sign up with us today to get your brand and products seen by 10 million people across the United Kingdom.

SEO & Social Media marketing

We provide a wide range of marketing services including SEO marketing as well as promotions on all 8 of our social media channels.

E-commerce seller store

Joining the British D’sire family means that you will have your own personalized store on our online marketplace platform, allowing customers to buy and connect with you directly.

Advertising opportunities

There are a variety of add-ons we offer to our clients, including paid advertising opportunities as well as PR features.

Exceptional services for unbeatable prices

As it is our goal to champion and support businesses, we take pride in offering the best prices across all other platforms. We guarantee that you will not be able to find quality service for the price we are offering at.

Want to talk to us about something?

Schedule a call with us at a time that suits you best!


Frequently Asked Questions

Your personal guide to general queries regarding British D’sire TV shopping Channel, “the best direct TV shopping channel across the UK”. From the date of launch to the steps of joining to all bits and pieces of working of British D’sire TV, we provide answers to all your queries regarding the British D’sire TV shopping Channel, answered by experts in this segment. Just click on the question and get an answer for that particular query.

1. Do we have to open an account on the British D’sire Marketplace to be live on TV?

Yes , in order to be on TV, it is mandatory to first sign up through and have a seller profile on our web marketplace

2. When it is getting launched?

The TV channel will launch in early September, 2022.

3. Which channel will it be telecasted on?

a. British D’sire TV will be on Sky TV channel number 680.
b. It will be a pre recorded show for the first month 2 times a week,thereafter it will be aired live
c. We will also run the same show at 2 other time slots on alternate days. (So totally it will be shown 4 times within the same week)

4. What is the charge for the enrollment?

Our packages start at £499. There is a sign up £150 which has been discounted to £99 plus the flat fee for the 5 min slot will be discounted to £400 from £2000 for immediate sign ups

5. Is the subscription Monthly/Quarterly/Half yearly/ Yearl?

You have the freedom to choose from various options, please see our subscription plans for more details.

6. Can we unsubscribe at any point of time?

Yes you can unsubscribe at any time, provided you have not committed towards a fixed period.

7. How to list our products on TV?

you will have to send at least 2 samples to our warehouse 10 days before the date of your show, ( if your sample is above £25 and you want it back , you will be required to pay the return shipping charges in advance) otherwise all the samples that we collect will be given away to lucky customers sponsored by your company which will give you free advertising.

8. How do customers purchase directly from the TV?

Customers will have the option to call our call centre, via the number shown on screen to place an order or can order online from

9. How do we get notified when the customers order from TV?

You will be notified by email same process as we use for web orders

10. How many days does it usually take for my ordered product to be dispatched?

You will be notified by email same process as we use for web orders

11. How does the payment get credited to our account?

The payment method will be the same 30 days as used for web orders.

12. Is a return/refund option available?

Yes , the return and refund policy remains the same as for the web

13. What is the commission percentage?

We DO NOT take any extra commission on TV sales order , it is a flat fee plus 5% handling same as web

14. Should we add the shipping price to the customer?

We DO NOT take any extra commission on TV sales order , it is a flat fee plus 5% handling same as web                

15. What if the customer is unable to watch the TV at the time of telecast?

We will have a repeat telecast of that show on the next day at the same time.

15. What if the customer is unable to watch the TV at the time of telecast?

We will have a repeat telecast of that show on the next day at the same time.

16. Is there an option for re-telecast?

Yes we will repeat each show on the next day .So repeated only once again

These will be pre recorded shows and each slot is for 240-300secs (4-5mins)

18. Do you have any scheduled time for specific product types?

We will have a timetable on our website as we get near the launch date and we will also advertise the same on all the social media platforms.

Yes, please check our refund policy here

19. What are Digital Assets and What type of DA's do we get?

You have a range of DA’s to choose from, which you can use to promote and use on your social media pages or your website in order to attract potential clients. Examples of DA’s include: Product images and videos, Reels, Brand videos, Blogs, Graphical posts, and so much more.

20. How do I get customers with your services?

We provide you with a wide range of solutions to be able to grow your customer base. From the initial induction call to understand your business and its story, to creating personalised content for you, marketing the content on all our social media channels to airing you on Live TV - there are so many ways to get customers!

21. How Do I Choose Show Timing & Date?

You will be allocated time slots. We will communicate the date and timing around 10 days prior to you once it is your turn to be aired on TV. We plan the products for each hour keeping in mind the theme of that particular hour.

22. How does the TV show work?

Typical shopping channels have a strong focus on selling to consumers. However with British D’sire, we aim to to convey our vendors' story through the power of storytelling, making the buying experience extremely fun, interactive and seamless.

23. How Many Products will be displayed in a Single Show?

A single show is around 4-5 minutes, where we cover 1 product per show. We will have around 12 shows per category every hour.

24. Who will prepare the content?

Our expert content creation team is in charge of the production and all the content that will be made and published.

25. Which type of businesses can register for TV Shopping?

We welcome products from all categories, except for any heavy and large products, and fresh food items.

26. Is British D’sire able to cater to bespoke item businesses?

Bespoke items are a tricky one as you most likely would not have more than one or two of the same product. Should you wish to list bespoke items to offer to customers, do send us an email and we shall work something out for you! 

27. What Documents should I have to register?

In order for British D’sire to be able to confirm your identity, You will have to submit your company number / business registration, fill up the vendor form and provide us with your identification card/document.

28. I am confused about the plans, which one should I choose?

Interested in joining but unsure about which plan to choose? Simply book a time that suits you for a call with one of our representatives, who will assist you with choosing the right plan for you.

29. Do you provide a Trial Plan?

Yes, we do offer a one month trial period, please see our plans here.

30. Do you have a refund Policy?

Yes, please check our refund policy here

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